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Looking On The Bright Side of

Microsites and Their Pros and Cons for SEO

In the years that have passed there are a lot companies that have allocated budget for SEO.

Improving your company might have been a struggle for you because you have not utilized SEO to your advantage.

If you want a cost-effective way for SEO then try microsites. It can really help in your SEO endeavor. Good execution is necessary to make the most out of it.

As you go on you will understand the advantages and disadvantages of microsites in SEO. Details on microsites creation are explaned as well.

Definition of a Microsite

If you already have a company homepage then it is just another branded website.

Based from the microsites definition, it comes with its own URL without the sponsoring business’s name in it.

By simply registering a new website’s domain name you are already creating a microsite.

Microsite’s Different Types

There are two main categories of microsites. Websites for a certain company project alone is the first kind of microsite. Active websites that always release new content is the second microsite type.

Websites Designed for a Specific Endeavor

Current endeavors of enterprises can be made known to the public by coming up with a microsite.

Information about that business campaign can be posted in the website, to make the people excited about it.

The website will only be updated with information about the campaign while it is still ongoing.

Sites Continuously Going

Sites that are active post new content daily without an end in mind. If your enterprise wants your customers updated, you can post resources in this kind of microsite. You can also post important announcements in this site.

With the constant updating, you exert more effort in this type of microsite. A team is important for the everyday design work, content creation, and maintenance.

Advantages of Microsites

There are advantages in using microsites that you should know.

Your Brand will be More Known

Since you have a second website, your customers will know your business easily. Your customers will also be more interested. The brand of your enterprise will be more known.

Better Email Campaigns
The microsite can make email campaigns easier because it is where you can have your customers sign up. Possible clients can be communicated faster in this manner. Your brand can be easily remembered because promotions can also be easily sent to them.

Increasing the Value

Microsites can be a good way to do some value addition for your clients. It can be the appropriate platform to declare things probably inappropriate in your first website.

Venue for Trying New Things

Microsites can be a place for experiments. Microsites can be a good place to start implementing some changes you want to do in the parent website.

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